Rustic Shack

Visit Rustic Shack’s stall at HUDSON’S ∙ Located upstairs; turn right at the top of the stairs and right again, the stall is half way down the hallway on the right.

Our Rustic Shack dealer, Lucie, a flair for special rustic finds… here’s her story:

“I’m Lucie, I source vintage finds and carefully selected home wares that can be styled and re-used around your home from season to season.

I’m passionate about mixing old and new, bringing time-worn rustic pieces into the modern home to create a modern and rustic aesthetic.

Where possible I source local artisan pieces made with creativity and passion to add to the collection, I love finding unusual one off pieces that add a talking point as well as sourcing rustic timeless pieces for your home. I hope you enjoy browsing my finds here at Hudsons Stratford”.

NOTE: Video and images are a representation of this dealer’s stock. As stock sells quickly, it is unlikely that individual pieces shown are still available.